Intentionally Misspelled Words >> Correctly Spelled Words


Intentionally Misspelled Words >> Correctly Spelled Words

1/ Since when did misspelled words become more powerful than properly spelled ones? Whatever happened to all the hours and days and months I spent learning the correct spellings of words, only to realize after I had mastered the art of spelling that misspelled words now carry more word power than properly spelled ones? So unfair! I want my money back!

Here are some prominent examples…

2/ pwn >> own

In the prehistoric (i.e. pre social media) times, someone misspelled “own” as “pwn” and that spelling stuck. Somehow it came to mean something even more powerful than “own”. When we beat someone in a game, we no longer own or dominate them, we pwn them, which makes the victory a lot sweeter!

3/ haz >> has

Who can forget “I can haz cheezburger?” Most people remember it only for the explosion in cat images, but it also led to a revolution in spelling! Finally misspelled words (and cats) started getting the respect and love they deserved.

4/ moar >> more

Somehow, “moar” has come to mean even more than more! You can say moar is moar than mere more.

Pro tip: When asking your boss for a raise, try saying “I’d like to get paid moar” and watch your pay soar!

5/ stonks >> stocks

A stonk is basically a stock that rises so fast, it causes big hedge funds to collapse and leads to hearings in congress! This is even moar so if Elon Musk misspells it.

6/ Teh >> the

People have been mistyping the as “teh” for a long long time. But now it has been inducted into this intentional misspellings hall of fame in its old age. Kind of like an old actor who never got recognized during their youth finally getting a lifetime achievement award in their old age out of respect.

7/ poast >> post

Newbies post tweets, real pros poast them. See the difference? Doesn’t reading it spelled that way make your finger automatically move to the “like” or “retweet” button? Try it.

8/ fizik >> physique

Physique sounds like the name of some french shampoo or something. The real badass folks talk about “fizik”. And not just talk about it, but poast pictures of it. It has become pretty much a right of passage nowadays if you want to reach the stratospheric heights of twitteratidom.

9/ Oh, and how could I forget: HODL >> hold! Hold is when you hold a thought for a fleeting second before getting distracted. HODL is when they have to take it from your cold dead hands! Holding is just an economic decision. HODLing is a religious principle.

10/ Ok, I better stop. I see smoke rising out of my spellchecker.

Just remember to poast moar fiziks and pwn and hodl teh stonks, ok?

(Corresponding tweetstorm)