The Corona Has You


The Corona Has You

I know what you’re thinking. Because right now, I’m thinking the same thing. “Why oh why didn’t they take the BLUE pill?”

What a difference a mere couple of weeks makes! Not too long ago, we were all going about our business without a care in the world. The world, as it existed at the peak of our civilization.

For example, many of us were working as program writers for respectable software companies. We had social security numbers, we paid our taxes, and we helped our landlady take out her garbage.

But then, some of us were offered some R&R. Initially they were reluctant, but then someone promised that it’ll be really fun. Then they saw a while rabbit (or was it a bat?), and, in their moment of weakness, they decided to follow it.

Soon, they were tumbling down the rabbit hole.

In the blink of the eye, it became clear that the Corona was everywhere. It was all around us. Even now, in this very room. We couldn’t really see it when you looked out your window, but it was there. We could hear about it when you turned on your television. We couldn’t feel it when we went to work, when we went to church, when we paid our taxes, but it was always around us.

The truth is, we didn’t really have to feel it for ourselves. We could have just been told about its existence, then taken the blue pill, and just decided to stay in bed (or at least indoors).

Unfortunately, some of us decided to take the red pill instead. And because we all shared the same world, Kansas went bye bye for all of us.

And that brings us to the present state of the world. A world where everything we thought was real and commonplace was replaced with something completely unfamiliar. In fact, this world is so strange that we are no longer sure if we are living in a dream world or the real world. It actually feels like we are having a dream. But if we are unable to wake from that dream, how would we tell the difference?

The pandemic and the damage caused by the pandemic continues to reverb around the world. And it’s scary.

But, if we look at history, we find that this has happened many times before. In fact, it has been a lot, lot worse. And every time, we have managed to emerge victorious. That’s why we are still here.

And we will do exactly the same thing this time too.

But somewhere during this process of our eventual victory, there may be moments when we will be on our backs, drowning in the deluge. And we may have to face the question: “Why keep fighting? For what?”

And we will need to have an answer. Like may be this one:

Or my own preference, “because it’s in our nature.”

Whichever answer you choose, as long as it makes you get up and fight again, it perfectly fine.

<I could actually go on and on. There are many other really powerful scenes in the movie series that would fit the current situation well. That’s the great thing about epics that are well done – one can always find great fits for many tough situations one might encounter in one’s life.>