Lockdown Lessons


Lockdown Lessons

They say that a good teacher appears when the student is ready.

Unfortunately, life, while it’s the best teacher in the world by far, has a tendency of appearing when the student is completely unprepared. Like it’s doing right now!

Still, it’s important to listen to what it’s trying to teach us. Because life is also a very jealous teacher – it does not like it when other teachers try to teach its lessons. So that makes it even more important that we really try to understand what life is trying to teach us, because if we don’t we may never get a chance to learn.

What am I talking about? Two lessons that I believe life is trying to teach us right now.

While there’s a lot that we still need to learn about the Coronavirus, one thing has been standing out loud and clear right from the beginning and continues to hold true even today: the chances of you being severely impacted by the virus go up drastically if you have preexisting conditions. Every statistic so far in every part of the world bears this out.

What’s the lesson here? While social distancing and personal hygiene get most of the attention (and rightfully so), the preexisting conditions factor isn’t getting much attention at all. The lesson should be clear there: if your preexisting condition is of a type that you can reduce or get rid of by changes in your lifestyle / diet / exercise etc., then that should also get a lot of your attention.

Given that the lockdown has caused major upheavals in our lifestyles anyway, this may be a good time to incorporate some changes that might actually improve it. For example, doing more outdoor physical activity since that’s the only outdoor activity you are allowed to do anyway. Also, since you’re ordering groceries online and not visiting an actual grocery store, there’s no chance that you will run into the junk food or soda isle and be tempted to buy them. So skipping them should be easier. And so on. I’m sure people can think of other things that could be done here.

The second lesson that I believe life is trying to teach us is learning to spend time alone with ourselves. Since we are not able to socialize, all of us are having to spend most of our time by ourselves. Most people are extroverts so I can imagine that it’s a very big problem for them. I am more of an introvert but still even I miss the occasional social activity that I used to engage in before.

Nevertheless, I believe being comfortable with oneself is an extremely important life skill. Every good thing in your life will come out of you being more aware of yourself, more honest with yourself. Even Socrates said that knowing thyself is the beginning of wisdom! And not just wisdom, but even creativity and peace of mind.

So there you have it: the two very important lessons life is trying to teach us right now.

Now it’s time for me to go spend some time with myself on the trail getting some much needed exercise and the occasional (from a long distance, and short) social interaction (i.e. a smile and a “Hi”).