Thanks for a Memorable New Year’s Eve


Thanks for a Memorable New Year’s Eve

The number of people who have to work on new year’s eve is pretty large. So let us give them some recognition.

The number of people who have to work on new year’s eve is pretty large. So let us give them some recognition.

The list is quite large actually. Starting with bartenders, DJ’s / musicians, waiters, dishwashers, bouncers. Bus, taxi and rideshare drivers. Designated drivers. Cops, firefighters, EMT’s, doctors, nurses. 911 operators. Gas station operators, convenience store operators, all-night laundromat operators. Pickpockets. Pilots, flight attendants, airport security. Hotel receptionists. Jail / corrections officers and wardens. TV and radio personalities. Online operations staff.

I wonder if there’s actually a business opportunity in here: a “working person’s NYE” held the weekend after the real NYE. Let us say, the second Friday of January every year. A way to let those who worked on NYE to have their own NYE, (and an excuse for everyone else to have another party! Always a good idea.)

Plus it fills a great business need: How to make people spend money in the month of January after they have exhausted themselves, and more importantly, their wallet, in December (and Valentine’s day is still a couple of weeks away.) “Working person’s NYE” to the rescue!

Here is the hashtag I am proposing for this: #workingNYE. It can be used to refer to the people who are working on NYE as well as the “working person’s NYE” holiday itself.

This is the least we can do. All these people make our NYE successful and even memorable.

In fact, talking about memorable NYE’s, here are probably the most common “most memorable NYE” storylines I can think of, along with the types of people that would be involved in making them memorable. (You can string the actual story yourself by simply imagining how it would unfold if a person were to have close interactions with these types of people – in the given sequence – in one night):

1) Probably the most common yet highly memorable story: Bartender, bouncer, cop, taxi driver.

2) Epic memorable: Bartender, bouncer, cop, TV anchor, jail warden, corrections officer. (Followed by: Attorney, judge, taxi driver the next morning.)

3) Memorable yet forgettable (and you’ll probably never tell anyone about it): Bartender, DJ, pickpocket, waiter, bouncer, dishwasher person, bus driver.

4) Equally forgettable, but your friends will never let you forget: Fast food worker, convenience store operator, bartender, DJ, Bartender, DJ, bartender, DJ, bartender, DJ, janitor, designated driver, all-night laundromat operator.

5) A great escape: Corrections officer, 911 operator, firefighter, taxi driver, convenience store operator, janitor, airport security, flight attendant, hotel receptionist, bartender.

And so on. There are at least a few dozen more storylines here.

All’s well that ends well, and lets you sing this song with a smile on your face for years to come – thanks to all those people you ended up interacting with, on that one highly memorable night. (Pardon the swearword.):