Pristine – A 360 Degree Experience with an Environmental Purpose


I’ve been posting 360-degree images of interesting places I have visited from time to time. I thought I would make it a little more interesting by adding a layer of interactivity and an environmental purpose to them. So here is an attempt at doing that. This is still very much an experiment and we’ll see where it goes.

Pristine – from Redmond Labs

This is a VR app, but it also works on mobile devices and desktops. (On mobile devices, the experience is somewhat restricted. But still gives you a taste of it. The experience of “immersion” that you get in a VR device is really quite something. It’s hard to duplicate that in other devices.)

[For the techies among you, Pristine is built using React360, a WebVR javascript library from facebook. It allows me to target all platforms (basically any platform where a browser can run) at once.]

I also have a facebook page dedicated to this where I intend to post links to additional 360-degree images that you can play with inside the app.

You can like the page to get future updates. I am planning post new images about once a week or so. Thanks.

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