Area 51 – 2018


Area 51

Quick trip to Area 51 with a stopover in Las Vegas along the way.

Area 51 has been on my bucket list for a while. Not because I believe the conspiracy theories that surround it, but because places that inspire such conspiracy theories are always very interesting to start with. There’s always something inherently awe-inspiring or intriguing about such spaces that draws me there.

We went all the way up to the warning sign where they tell you can’t go any further. There was even a white SUV hiding at the top of the ridge clearly watching us. I didn’t dare to take its picture though. There’s a big difference between me shooting them and them shooting me in return.

Area 51 - 2018

Plus, where else would you get a chance to stand right in the middle of a road and quietly proceed to take a picture in both directions with your mobile, put it away, and then take another picture with your 360-degree camera? Love the great American road! Particularly in Nevada. Over the years I have done 6 road trips through various parts of the state (Death Valley, Burning Man playa, Vegas to Grand Canyon, I80 up to Bonneville Flats etc.) Always an amazing experience.