1984 Trilogy?


1984 Trilogy?

George Orwell left two big holes in his book “1984”.

1. The book doesn’t give us any clues about how the world got into the horrible state depicted in it.

2. The book ends without giving us any clues about how to get out of that horrible state.

Looking at recent world events, it is becoming clear that world leaders are working hard to answer the first question. For example, here is the big news from China that got lost in our own overwhelming news cycle:


Add to that the talk of trade wars, increased defense spending, strongmen of the world comparing the sizes of their equipment, democracies turning into trollocracies, and so on, and I believe you have everything you need to answer the first question.

Unfortunately, the second question is the far more important one, but it’s also a lot harder to answer. Maybe it’s time someone followed the tradition and converted 1984 into a trilogy. Anyone up for it?

To help you, I have even thought of names for the three books. (With a nod to another highly successful trilogy with a number in its name – I’m sure everyone reading this will recognize the references instantly):

1. “2014 – Innocence Lost”: (How the world lost its innocence and freedom due to falling head over heels for men with money and power.)

2. “2024 – Darker”: (This would take the place of the original 1984 book, but it would be updated to make it more appealing to modern audiences. You know, things like bigger explosions, more gore, and of course, product placements.)

3. “2034 – Freed”: (How the world regained its freedom, though unfortunately its innocence was lost forever. Oh yeah, and it won’t get to keep the fancy house or the yacht either.)

Yes, the choice of those time frames is deliberate – to make them appear more urgent and ominous. Good for sales.  😉


  1. Books like these shouldn’t be thought of as predictions. Books like 1984 are like vaccines – they are supposed to protect you from contracting the real disease.
  2. Also, I guess this is a good time to state the other obvious fact about such books: