SpaceX Files


SpaceX Files

Not long ago, the most awesome part of any sort of rocket-related news used to be the launch. The countdown, the blast off, the huge cloud of gas, the loud boom, and so on.

SpaceX changed all that. In their case, the most awesome part is their picture-perfect landing. And as if landing one rocket exactly where “X” marks the spot wasn’t enough to blow your mind, now they are landing two of them, synchronously! Soon they will start conducting a ballet with them!

And going a little deeper, what’s really awesome here is that it’s not just about the launch and delivering its payload, but to contain, capture, and reuse the fallout. This is a great principle in general. It’s like a car company that doesn’t care just about driving you somewhere, but also about containing, capturing and putting to good use the pollution generated. Or a food company that doesn’t just care about feeding the world, but about not poisoning the land and generating less waste and emissions. And so on.

Economist like to call this fallout of economic activity as an “externality”. This is probably the worst word in economics – there’s nothing “external” about it. It always finds its way back into your air, your water, your food, your society, and your body and mind too.

Anyway, so SpaceX isn’t just about Space, but also about capturing the eXternality and bringing it back down to where “X” marks the spot.

I guess now I understand why they call themselves SpaceX.