The 7 D’s of LeaDership™



The 7 D’s of LeaDership™ (My forthcoming book, TED talk, and seminar series)

It goes without saying that the world has changed very rapidly and drastically in the last few years. Most people also understand that we ourselves need to change along with the world, otherwise we will be left behind. But for some reason, we seem to be still sticking to old ideas when it comes to leadership. Shouldn’t it be obvious that our ideas on leadership should change as the world as well as ourselves change? I have studied the phenomenon of leadership for decades. I have also researched the decisions and paths taken by today’s most successful leaders. All of this has culminated in a book, an accompanying TED talk, and a seminar series. I call it “The 7 D’s of LeaDership™”.

To give you a quick taste, here are the 7 D’s of LeaDership™ that I talk about extensively in the book, the TED talk, and the seminar:

1. Discomfort: Your journey to LeaDership™ starts with being seriously insecure and uncomfortable. Insecurity is the most common fundamental characteristic of all human beings, but most of us let this wonderful resource go to waste. It is a great resource for developing personal as well as social / political power. The more insecurity you have, the better it will help you become a great LeaDer™. Once you successfully bury that insecurity in a well somewhere deep inside yourself and build a thick wall around it, you are ready to take that first step towards becoming a LeaDer™.

2. Delusion: Delusion is the second most fundamental human characteristic. You need not have any skills, any ideas, not even plans. Just delude yourself into believing that you are insanely great and can do incredible things that you have no idea how to do. Any self-doubt you may feel should be promptly shoved down that deep well I mentioned earlier and make sure the wall surrounding it is defended at all costs.

3. Deception: Convince others that you can do all those things that you have no idea how to do. Get them to become your followers. The only skill you need to possess is loud-mouthed persuasion. Spread your insecurity around until everyone is so uncomfortable that they get angry and start shouting slogans that you give them. Anger makes people stupid and stupid people make the best followers. Use that anger to get into a position of power and wealth for yourself. I will show you how during my seminar series.

4. Deflection: At some point some wisecrack is going to start asking inconvenient questions about your plans and strategies. Deflect any such questions anyone may raise. Keep their focus on the discomfort, not on how to get rid of it. “How” is for losers. “What” is for LeaDers.

5. Delegation: Remember that you are the leaDer. You aren’t supposed to do actual work. You delegate that to your followers – particularly those who are the angriest and most uncomfortable. This also lets you start pointing at them when people ask inconvenient questions.

6. Denial: Eventually, your whole house of cards is going to collapse because it never had any foundation. You knew that of course and you would be prepared. Deny everything you have said. Be forceful in your denials. Hire lawyers. Remember the people you delegated to? Now they are your scapegoats. You gave them the simple task of achieving your goals. They failed. Not your problem.

7. Desertion: At some point, your followers are going to catch on to what’s going on. Their mob will start looking for you. But if you have played your cards right during your progression through the first 6 phases, you would have stashed away enough cash in a far away Xanadu. And have a plane fueled and ready to take off at a moment’s notice. Taking that inevitable flight will be the greatest thrill of your life. And reaching that Xanadu, slipping into something comfortable, sitting on a beach lounger, and holding that martini in your hand while lei-clad beauties frolic everywhere in your private island paradise is what is known as  “being successful”. Remember that discomfort that you started with in Step 1? Well, you won’t even remember it anymore.

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Note that I am not being sarcastic. This formula works people! Just look around.

Following my bestseller book, I am already preparing a TED talk and seminar series on this topic. It has actual stories of real people who have followed my formula and become wildly successful. With pictures and videos and testimonials everything. I have pictures of all these real successful people sitting on beautiful remote beaches with a glass of martini in their hand and surrounded by lei-clad beauties. They are great pictures. You will love them! You will want to be them – and you can, if you read my book.

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