A More Realistic Movie Plot



<spoiler alert>

Just came up with a fantastic new idea for a scifi blockbuster: Twelve alien ships land on earth. After struggling for a few weeks to help the humans understand their language, the aliens eventually give up and learn English instead. They pick up the latest words, colloquialisms, common conversation techniques etc from Twitter, Facebook, and comment threads on various news sites. They practice constantly among themselves.

Soon, a flamewar breaks out among the aliens and it quickly escalates to an all out war. 12 spectacular explosions and crashes later, things start returning to normal on earth as people start going through the rubble of the crashed spaceships. They eventually manage to salvage enough parts from the crashed ships to put together one working spaceship. It takes off for the aliens’ home planet. It carries the deadliest weapon ever created by man – a mobile phone with all the social media apps on it.

I am thinking of calling it “Departure”. With 12 explosions and crashes, it is a guaranteed hit. What do you think?

</spoiler alert>