On Buying Happiness



Wise men have told us for millennia that the only way to attain eternal peace and happiness is to free yourself of all the trappings of life. And for the same millennia, we have taken their word for it on that. But as if that wasn’t already enough of an inconvenience, they have also been saying that you can’t buy happiness either. (Just to be clear, I am talking about the wise men who don’t have aromatherapy candles to sell.)

What? Can’t even buy it? Why have I been putting myself through all this stress and struggle, making myself unhappy, so I could earn money to buy happiness? What do I do now? While I had been struggling with this question in my mind, somewhere deep inside me, I believed that someday the human spirit would triumph over this hurdle and declare itself victorious. Some day, we will be able to buy happiness just like we buy chocolates.

Well, friends, that day has arrived! While shopping at our local Total Foods today, I came across this little package (displayed next to this post). This thing – whatever it is that’s lurking inside – is free of everything! That means it must be just pure happiness! I do remember another wise man saying that happiness comes in little packages. I guess they meant this one! And you can buy it – for just a couple of bucks! (Applicable taxes extra of course.)

<Actually, to be fair, the thing inside the package wasn’t that bad. Still not sure what it is even after eating it, but I can at least say it is quite edible. It’s definitely got that lemon zing as advertised. And I am still blogging a few hours later. So go ahead, buy yourself a little bit of happiness!>