Little Red Wagon


I am not a big country music fan, but the song “Little Red Wagon” by Miranda Lambert caught my attention thanks to YouTube’s recommendations. (As to what this says about my YouTube viewing habits would be a topic for another post.)

I have added a link to the video below. I must say, that’s an exciting, fiery, energetic performance by Miranda Lambert! Sure to get your heart beatin’ if not also your booty movin’.

But that’s not why I am posting this. Get ready for a complete tangent.

We live in interesting times. The world has become extremely dynamic and, a major part of thus dynamism is the movement of a lot of people across all sorts of borders. This has created complex issues surrounding immigration in various countries. I am sure this was not the song writer’s intention, but I feel the song is an interesting metaphor for how some of the “natives” – in various countries, not just in the US – might feel about the “immigrants”. Pay close attention to the lyrics. They are almost perfect even when you listen to them in this light.

I am not trying to make any political point with this. I have myself lived as a native in one country and as an immigrant in another country. Immigration is an important issue and there are a lot of people and governments and even song writers trying to address it in very constructive ways. This is just an interesting observation, that’s all. And if you disagree, enjoy the song anyway! It might work its way up through your subconscious. 🙂

YouTube says embedding is disabled for this video, so you need to click this link:

You can’t ride in my little red wagon…