The Zen of Vagrant



Before (Vagrant) Enlightenment:

  • Install java, set up environment variables, quick test installation
  • Install Tomcat, set up environment variables, update config files, quick test Tomcat installation
  • Install Maven, update config files, quick test
  • git clone <repo>
  • Build, fix errors, build, repeat
  • Success!
  • Run
  • Fix errors, build, run, repeat
  • Success!
  • Postpone “chop wood” to tomorrow
  • Postpone “carry water” to tomorrow
  • Sleep…

After (Vagrant) Enlightenment:

  • git clone <repo>
  • vagrant up
  • Chop wood
  • Carry water
  • Write  blog post
  • Check email, facebook
  • Shop, cook, eat
  • Talk, listen, watch, read, write, play
  • vagrant ssh
  • Run
  • Success!
  • Sleep…

Any questions?