Stephen Wolfram’s Post on Analysis of Facebook Data


Here is a great recent post by Stephen Wolfram on things you can learn by analyzing Facebook data: Data Science of the Facebook World.

Some things that struck me in the data he presents (but he didn’t mention in his own post):

  • The beautiful depiction of immigration patterns across the world. Of course, this is using only Facebook data, not census data. Still, it’s pretty clear where people are going! It is easy to see the large amount of immigration from many countries, but prominently from China, India, Mexico, Canada and UK to the US (and significant amount going from US to UK and Canada), the complex immigration patterns among countries in Europe, immigration from China and India into Singapore etc.:
  • The thing men talk about most is life / philosophy. Even higher than sports!. And women also talk a lot about it, second only to special occasions. Even teenagers talk a lot about life / philosophy, more than those in their 30’s, and not much less than the mid-life crisis population. Women talk about relationships and family+friends almost twice as much as men. And, as you age, you are more likely to talk about health, special occasions, and weather and less about fashion, relationships, and personal mood.
  • In the fashion category, the thing people talk about most is hair.
  • In food, it is beer.
  • In technology, not surprisingly, but reassuring, it is phones.
  • In personal mood, tired / sad / bored dominate over other moods!

Lots more goodies in this post. Plus, you can do your own analysis using their tools. Nice!